The 48 Hour Colon Cleanse - Epsom Salt Enema or Ingesting It

Published: 23rd July 2009
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A lot of people have been talking about a new 48 hour colon cleanse. From celebrities to medical professionals, this seems to be the newest health fad. The 48 hour cleansing is either done with an Epsom salt enema or by ingesting Epsom salt. So are there really benefits to doing it? Yes. But there are dangers as well.

Unlike most other colon cleansing procedures, this one cannot or should not be performed by yourself, at home. Strict instructions need to be followed. Hypermagnesimis, a very serious health condition, can occur if the body takes on too much Epsom salt. The real name for Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate is very good at helping your colon to cleanse itself by naturally flushing out all of the bad stuff that gets stored in there if regular cleansings are not performed. This includes bad bacteria, toxins of many kinds and parasites.

There are several potential mistakes that can be made while performing an Epsom salt enema which is why it's important to have an experienced person perform it. Really bad things can happen to the body if too much magnesium sulfate is ingested or put in the body. These effects can be minor like indigestion or in rare cases, death can occur.

Furthermore, magnesium sulfate can be very hard on the body to try to digest in large amounts. Because of this, a 48 hour colon cleansing should not be done if you have ulcers or any other type of stomach problem.

Never perform this enema if you are a pregnant woman. A large amount of magnesium sulfate can have a negative effect on an unborn fetus and can cause serious health risks for mother and baby. In short, this type of procedure can be very effective but there are some pretty serious risks associated. Many people choose to explore other areas of colon cleansing because there are many that are effective, with no health risks.

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